AthleticsFeb 18, 2022

updated Feb 18, 2022


Honoring our student athletes

The MHS Athletic Association regularly recognizes the hard work, dedication, and determination of our exceptional student athletes by presenting Athlete of the Week awards at Community Meeting.


Congratulations to JV basketball’s Belle He ’23, this week’s Athlete of the Week. “Belle comes to practice every day ready to compete. She leads her team by her actions, and with her tenacity to ‘get after it.’’’

Previous Athletes of the Week

December 13

Congratulations to varsity basketball’s Katie ’23, who was named this week’s Athlete of the Week. Though inexperienced on the court, Katie’s effort and attitude more than make up for it. “She watches films in her free time and goes hard in every practice, coming in first or second in every sprint. In games, she goes after every rebound and sprints to get back on defense. She is a great teammate, chiming in to say something positive when the time is right.”

It’s the second time Katie has picked up the honor. She received it in the fall for her work on the cross-country team! Great job, Katie!

November 12

Congratulations to Athletes of the Week Sienna ’22 and Sundara ’22.

“I have had the delightful pleasure of being here for four soccer seasons at MHS. Over that time, I have seen individuals come with previous experience and be able to develop a strong athletic presence on the field. Sticking with a team for so long, when wins are hard to come by, takes determination and heart, and commitment to the game, to the team, and to yourself. It is because of that determination, heart, and commitment that I would like to honor Sienna and Sundara as athletes of the week!”

November 5

Congratulations to JV soccer’s Ada Liu ’23, who was named the Athletic Association’s Athlete of the Week. Nominating Ada, her teammates reported: “Against Millbrook, the opponent was caught using a handball in the penalty box, resulting in a penalty kick. We practice penalty kicks at the end of practice every day, so when it was time for Ada to take the PK, she knew what to do. She calmly stood there, jogged up to the ball, and put it in the back of the net. The whole team burst into cheer and celebrated with Ada on the pitch.” Well done!

October 22

Maria ’23 is Athlete of the Week, not only for her in-game performance but also her demeanor off the court. She is a force to be reckoned with at the net, getting up for every block, and, whenever a ball comes close to her, she's able to smash it right back to the other team. Off the court, Maria supports her team during their hype-up dance by singing the "Macarena." Maria comes to practice every day ready to play, ready to learn, and excited to be a part of the team. There's never a dull moment for Maria and the energy, power, and optimism she brings to practice and games is why she is Athlete of the Week.

(Dorothy Shi ’22)

October 8

Congratulations to Katie ’23, who was named the Athletic Association’s Athlete of the Week, for her leadership, hard work, dedication, and for finishing first and paving the way for the team’s victory at Darrow. 

October 1

This week’s Athletic Association Athlete of the Week is varsity volleyball’s Emily ’22. A defensive specialist who always hits the gym ready to play and ready to lead, Emily has also added 10 aces so far this season. Cited for her hustle and heart, Emily is the team’s libero and one of its captains. Congratulations, Emily!

Septmber 24

Congratulations to varsity soccer’s Honey ’24, who was named the Athletic Association’s Athlete of the Week. Honey was cited for quickly becoming a leader on the team, working hard every day in practice, and leaving it all on the field. She tallied the season’s first goal, a beautiful strike into the top corner against Hoosac School, and she continuously encourages others on and off the field. A well-deserved award!