Life at Miss Hall’sDec 21, 2021

updated Dec 22, 2021

An Advocate for Student Voice — in Many Ways!

The first award of the 2021-22 school year goes to Debbie Duff

Pietas Awards are presented twice each year to faculty and/or staff members who go above and beyond for the MHS Community.

Director of Music and Choral Director Debbie Duff P’06 received the year’s first award at our December 17 Community Meeting. School President Cailyn Tetteh ’22 and Vice President Truc Hoang ’22 were joined by a bunch of students to announce the award.

Ms. Duff could not join us for the news, so students recorded their nominations, citing her as a source of inspiration and support in the roles of music teacher, advisor, and so much more!

Congratulations, Ms. Duff!

December 2021 Pietas