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Keep a healthy mentality! Stay clear of Religious People: Catholics, Christians, Scientologist, Jews, Homosexuals, etc. Aslo keep in mind the out-law organizations of these religious & Homosexual parties here in the U.S and elsewhere such as KKK, Catholic, Jewish, Negro Christian Organizations etc. This you don't need nor want!

See & educate on these details at:

Keep handy and drink plenty of your preference cool or cold water to stay hydrated and to avoid being tempted by junk beverages. Gatorade & orientated beverages are not recommended! Where possible avoid the mystery tap water which comes out of your home/other faucets. 

Pro Athletes drink about one to two gallons of pure water per day.

Included: The HollywoodHam Diet

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Pursuing Entertainers check:

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Prohibited! The diet will not work with:

Bread, Pasta, Candy, Sugar, Beer, Milk, Cereal, Rice, hot-dogs, bacon, juice, alcohol, potatoes etc. 

*Ironically it's been found best to keep away from Atkins labeled products and have no cheese.

Blueberries can be added sparingly.

Nuts likely to or will stunt the diet.

Have no condiments and have no diet-sugar beverages. Have no sugar-beverages. Individuals with a high sugar intake may or will need to taper off their sugar dependency. Sugar will stop the diet from working. 

If really must, use Splenda-sweetner only, though you're way best with none. Have no aspartame, saccharine etc. Aspartame as in Diet-Soda will stunt/stop the diet from working. 

If really must, use only full cream (as heavy-whipping cream) to cream coffee and tea. Do not use half & half nor milk, nor powder creamer. Though you're best with no creme as it will stunt or stop the diet from working.  *Best to break the caffeine habit.  (It's been stated to creme tea to prevent stomach cancer caused by non-creamed tea.)

The diet works safely/safest over all diets to rapidly lose fat and maintain a healthy fat free body.

Add Avocados and carrot as necessary.

Take a B-Complex Supplement, Vitamin E, Vitamin C. Fish Body Oil (not Cod Liver Oil) Carlson's brand stated best.

Take Glucosamine, Chondroitin to prevent joint damage and add endurance during exercising. 

Research these supplements and the above additional listed supplements & Sports Medicines.

The typical foods of this everyday diet are as pictured to the left. Have the fish twice per week.

The Magnesium supplement is necessary. Natural Vitality found to be or of the best.

*Chicken from the United States have been found loaded with E-Coli poison, parasites so best not to eat chicken at all unless you want to be sick and have added worms in your body. 

​Best to stay out of restaurants as they will entice you to be fat and unhealthy *at ten times or more the cost of super markets. 

Do not practice this diet nor supplements, exercise, use of the information at any risk nor liabilities of For other and more information on low-carbohydtrate diets and this orientated diet as in Atkins, research Atkins and low-carbohydrates diet. (But arn't you glad you leaned here?)

*Carlson and Slash  can pay appreciations  or pay to remove. :)  

Food for thought: ​
These days Hollywood and other is not all necessary or necessary at all to be highly successful at your business and make your millions if you have potential. In fact preferred not by many pros. Many skilled and talented independent Musicians/artist, those already famous and others in the business stand better chance of success quality life, and profit independently and elsewhere.

Surely not a ideal place for the low budget non millionaire pursuing entertainers, much housing itself is high cost and inhuman or near. Just not all practical for business.

​On the other hand Hollywood belongs to all entertainers around the whole world as Hollywood has done this extent of business with the world. So if you want to fight the ongoing war against illegal cult who have been illegally dominating the Hollywood business territory over the past century it's up to you. Though they try to keep it secret and under the rug, it's sort of like the war between the Yankees and Confederates in a sense or in other senses White on Black war from the 1960's (as illegal Hollywood cult vs everyone else) still going on here in Hollywood in this millennium decade. Though they don't mind you stopping in town to give them your money just don't be too intelligent while here. 

​Gee some free United States Nation!

Though serious legal action does need to be taken against Hollywood's corrupt illegal business practices of it's people it's a shame pursuing entertainers have to be put through the jeopardy and become excessive investigators, lawyers, warriors up against the criminal town in order to attempt getting their business done.

It's your gamble and you've been given some facts so you'll have to decide your own route

​.-Keep on your toes with everyone you meet and do business with, pro actors can deceive and sabotage many and some everyone. Some of the best aren't in film making business.

 As soon as you notice suspicious activity, lack of work in progress, sloppy work, suspicious stalling, being ran in circles from portrayed business associates, money wasted on these individuals, go into your red alert mode! You are likely being sabotaged. Be prepared as soon as you find the necessary evidence you need (typically 3 good strikes you're out, they are sneaky!) to start firing and giving these sabotage artist the shove. Get rid of them fast! Time is money and your life! Beware you can get rid of one and ten more will line up at your door. You can be stalked and sabotaged by these type artist during your entire business pursuits. 

​Food for you to be paranoid about:
Stay alert but don't be too fast to discriminate as you may kick off a good potential though odds are low one still may be a gold mine (yeah right! who knows?). Some of these sabotage artist will portray they're homeless or in a bad situation and in need of help, work, HOME etc. though they show they're really interested and sincere and love nothing more to be your collaborative partner/s, they show the talent, skill and enough potential to fulfill your work. hmm?? Beware as these types could cause the worse damage to your life and business. *They may even be working as undercover for the scum illegal police who makes there living off of taxes and stashes from entertainment mob! (a whole town can be mass occupied by such "mob") and or undercover as portrayed investigators to their companies (big entertainment companies, use investigators some who's known to be the scum of the earth and cult allied) or illegal government (who's associated) with only the intentions to sabotage potential independents (even frame you for crime!).A successful independent (or enough of them )could put them out of real big money and work even sabotage illegal government control.
​ Art is war, money and politics.

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Good Luck, be careful, don't do anything too illegal, have fun.

For many individuals seriously pursuing entertainment business, particular business, health and life beyond, the compilation of this timely vital educational information, career, other information on this website and its links are worth a million dollars  to priceless. Priceless for individuals whom will prosper, achieve and live to these extents. Most entertainers, entertainment pursuers alone will not achieve without this timely career vital knowledge. Though may appear "simple stupid", I have witnessed complete career would be champions wasted because fact they did not have this health, business, entertainment knowledge and the knowledge put to use. 

 Read,view & use the information,tools,Diet,everything at your own risk, responsibility, liabilities, discretion and/or risk of others not mine. Or don't read at all.Some portion of information/writings could be found offensive by some individuals, though the information pertains to educational in Entertainment Business. If your such sensitive exit,do not read.

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Keep clear of Mc Donalds!

Just about what you eat at Mc Donalds and the weight of it's *precision engineered food will just about or actually turn to to that same weight, fat on your body. Mc Donalds also have been investigated across the U.S and found to have been filled/loaded with parasites E-Coli Etc. Will cause sick and malfunctioned digestive function, sick malfunction intestine, colon, body etc.  Mc Donalds have and serves Millions of their victims. The damages are priceless and deadly.

*see more on the McDonald's mystery fact and it as a possible "NAZI" Slavery conspiracy" at

Pursuing Entertainers check:​​

U.S Anti-Sex *Nazi-Christian Slavery Cult Intentionally Drugs Victims with Alcohol and Marijuana..

Minimum recovery time *7 years from one joint!

Was that a real party or staged? Friends?..

They come in few, by the dozens & multitudes, public bars & your private homes. 

see:U.S Slavery Cults

(Amount not included with items purchased) 

---Tip 4: Radiation:

​Superstars and others must stay alert to this stuff and keep minimal exposures as practically can.Check your living and work environments for radiation known as EMR, EMF, and other known overall as electro-pollution. Any above 0.5 gauss considered health dangerous from short or long term exposures 1.0 - 7.0 gauss known more health dangerous short or long term exposures. Near 7.0 + gauss known extreme health dangerous even at short term exposures. this electro-pollutions causes, dysfunctions, mental problems, learning impairments, pre-mature aging, health recovery impairments, cancer at rapid rates, sexual problems, and other health problems, can or will lead to death. High levels common in cities. ​

​You can purchase Electro pollution testing equipment off the internet for as low as $10. or so to $1000 or more. I've found $50. to around $100. meters should be sufficient for most to test this pollution. Though I want the best meter too.​

Beware some of this equipment will give false or inaccurate readings and some only test different types e-pollution and levels, you may be safe from one source of pollution and not another which doesn't show up on your meter. Where you think it's safe can actually be worse! So research and buy a couple or few different testing meters.​ Update: *All IPhone, Phone downloaded EMF App Meters have been tested by on many phones and found to be completely inaccurate! Don't use these "APP" meters for testing EMF! The interfaces look super but they don't work! All Total EMF danger zones tested display false readings as safe.

​I've found some meters not calibrated properly to show results for the lower danger zone levels. You may find yourself a physical reaction noticeable health improvement, wellness, even better appearance (after time period of relief from higher levels ) from the radiation relief as accurately tested low as 0.1 gauss which a lot of these meters don't accurately show these lower readings and or range at all.

​I've found it best to stay below exposures of 0.1 gauss and no more than 0.1 gauss though not practical for most of us.typically the higher the reading the worse and there are significant differences in health response from increments of 0.00 gauss to 0.1 to 0.2 etc.​

You can try shielding your home from this radiation stuff but can be very expensive and may not work as this stuff penetrates right though metal brick, stone, plastic, you name it! Check

​Also beware of what's known as electronic harassment, remote neural monitoring. You can research this technology on elsewhere and the illegal violations done with the use and operations of this technology. Be sure to take political action when you can against this Nazi orientated crime you may be the next victim! it's no joke! 

Tip 5: Pursuing entertainers beware of popular entertainment traps including entertainment areas communities such as Hollywood and other:

​When it comes to the million and billion dollar entertainment business it's surely no rest from the wicked. Many of the popular areas are occupied by entertainment cult*. These areas could be look at as traps to sabotage pursuing entertainers and steal your money. As there is much money to be made in entertainment they like to keep the top of money making space as small as they could. More money for them and none for you. It's an illegal war you don't need.

​​There's big money business in entertainment "traps" (and a lot of this money come from you the victims) even on the lower end free big peanuts, nice crumbs and rat whole housing for the mass loser scum scavengers. They want free bicycle too huh! They'll be more than glad to rent you out their grandmothers snakepit house.​

​If you can't beat'em don't join'em. pros and potentials have been suckered victimized robbed, business and life destroyed by these highway robbers. 

Attention Musicians artist actors, models, private eyes, others; 

​Ever wonder some of the biggest kept secrets of your favorite superstars? Well here they are:

​-How super entertainers knock years even decades off their ages to literally appear years and decades younger than their actual ages without any surgeries so they can sell you these super Million, Billion dollar entertainment, party, political, sports, tv/movies, guitar, singer, acts etc.

Party! Party! Party! Drink! Drink! Drink! (or second guess better make it kool-aid)
Appear literally : 8yrs and 14 years old at 20 and 35, 17 at 40, 40 at 60, almost any age you want to be etc. 

​Some are really so good,they can even fool medical doctors and medical evaluation!

Read how superman/superwomen star musicians, singers, dancers, actors, sport athletes etc. are able to appear super incredible and super talented at their guitars , instruments, vocals, parties, TV, Movies, live public appearances, in your face, in your home, in your bed etc.

​ Well after 26-30 years or more of practicing your guitar so you can play as good as Slash and Van Halen (as they did in 1986) or even good enough to put a practical marketable band together and pull it off. You would appear a bit aged and worn out, not so attractive despite your incredible acquired skill and tattoos.
Also see:"How to make your old tattoos like new again"

A bit less, least or just impractically marketable to teen party animals and others unless you get yourself some Hollywood Superstar Secrets.

​Once you know the Hollywood Superstar Secrets you can then tell everyone you've only been playing your guitar for 4 years and appear (maybe become) as a Hollywood Superstar, super young, super incredible!

​Just like the rest of them do it and have done for the past century, you can too! 

​Tip 1: Lights Microderm action! Well Microderm Diamond Skin abrasion is not all to it but gets most way there.

​Tip 2: !Beware! I'd recommend buying your own Microderm equipment and learn to treatment yourself as there has been sabotage such as reported, intentionally stealing collagen from ones face etc. during doctor and salon treatments. This of course could kill your career as would defeat your purposes and make you appear years to decades older! Or left at the same helpless age with only a cleaner looking face. This collagen theft sabotage will even make you appear ugly, old as you had surgery such as sloppy face lift and other cosmetic work when you didn't.

Other than overall sabotage, reasons for them to this would be to lure you into more expensive work such as surgeries, injections, lasers etc. (hence ridiculous and unnecessary) which would have been initially totally unnecessary to begin with. 

​-Other likely reasons for collagen theft maybe just to rob and then sell your expensive human collagen to others or back to you.
Warning: once the collagen is extracted from your face and elsewhere this will likely leave permanent non repairable damage.

​Lots of sabotage, scandal going on here in entertainment and elsewhere.
​So, I wouldn't trust strangers, salons, doctors etc. as just not worth possible millions, your life, your career from sabotage which is too easy for others to do to you. Do it yourself! of course at your own risk. Pro model "Diamond Microdermabrasion" Skin Abrasion machines can be purchased off the internet for as low as $200. The price many charge for one treatment you can buy one to ten professional machines and do it yourself! Save the money-save the risk!

​-Botox, Stated to me from a Hollywood physician, some their clients start getting botox and microdermabrasion treatments as early as 18 years old. 

​Can't speak for everyone but I've found Botox unnecessary to appear as a Superstar and can be dangerous causing long lasting or permanent neurological damage to more then just the treated area! Though popular still left questionable to me as I've seen no result from this other than not being able to move your forehead or treated area. I've personally found it doesn't do nothing for me and unnecessary to prevent wrinkles, cure, or give the appearance to hide any. (see Tip 3: Vitamins/nutrients.) But it's up to you as you may have good experience and see results.

​Tip 3: At your own risk, diet and build up to a athletes exercise regime:
Mountain climbing/hiking, long distance walking and bicycling. etc. Many Superstars exercise 3 to 6 or more hours per day depending on their preference and act.

Not necessary to power lift weights at all or too much unless you want to be bulky and unnatural looking, perhaps older looking, or appear as a body building wrestler, boxer, sports.

​Also beware, many gyms you are being exposed to high levels of radiation from gym equipment such as tread mills, other electrical equipment and maybe even the gym or location itself which is bad for Superstars and others. (more on radiation in tip 4) 

Diet: I've found the high protein low carb Atkins Diet to work super best but you pick yours. 

Nutrient Supplements, Sports Medicines, etc.

And of course Superstars take Super vitamins and nutrients:

Here some of the known safe or safer main foundation of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, supplements, drugs of the Superstars. 
Take at your own precaution and risk or risk of others not mine: 
​​Professional quality Protein drinks(the powder ones you blender at home seem to work best, add in your favorite good stuff).
continued: Silica, Silver, Magnesium, DHEA, Bee Propolis, Melatonin, Tropfen, green food powders, fish body oil (not saying liver oil here or "cod" as some get confused), B-complex, Vitamin C & E maybe eat a carrot a day and enough bananas 2-4, glucosamine and chondroitin may help athletic performance prevent injury and joint degeneration, other. Doesn't sound like a bad idea..

Collagen supplements/pills: Prices and qualities of collagen pill form supplements can go from lows to very highs a lot of us unable to afford the really really good collagen stuff but you never know.
Don't worry it's not all that necessary,though not a bad idea in attempt to prevent unwanted collagen loss during dieting, life, etc.

There's a gazillion other stuff available not listed here. But this should be enough for most starters and finishers and maybe all or more than you need.

 Precaution:If you're going to take these research experiment and figure which and which doses are best for you as some may be toxic. Read all labels and warnings and buy vitamin book etc. Most listed doses on labels and recommendations I find can be too much sometimes maybe too little depending on what these drugs are used for, some seem better to take only once in a while and some not at all, be careful. Maybe start each separate so you can identify reactions to each and know which ones to quit or cut back on if you have negative reaction. 
​Some brands are better than others some brands notably more effective some least or not at all. Higher cost doesn't necessary mean better but sometimes does, quality in some brands have been found to go from good quality to poor. 

​If the for mentioned doesn't satisfy you, I've heard you can wrap yourself with you favorite lotions, potions and creams inside your gloves, plastic wrap, don't choke yourself!

As one big star does wear a body suit overnight soaked with potions, lotions, creams and who knows what else. 
​No she's not Slash, not that I know of but who knows he may do it too.

​This bodysuit soaking stuff may sound extreme and not necessary for most of us include here anyway. Try it you might like it!